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IMAX Charger Keeps Shutting Down
Last Updated 8 months ago

Depending on what charger you use, the capability to charge at it's maximum potential will be different. The math lesson below will help you determine all your future model RC flying.

The popular IMAX B6 Charger if included is only a 50W charger. Here is the science and logic. Using the formula P = U * I you get I = P / U for a 6S Lipo divide 50w/25.2V= 1.98A (max for a fully charged 6S).

You will need to charge your 6S LiPo at maximum of 1.9A. If you try to charge it higher, as a safety, the screen goes black, and the entire unit shuts down until you disconnect your power. Some of the high-end IMAX chargers may automatically reduce the charge rate, if it determines it cannot charge at the rate you entered. Remember to turn on the cartridge on switch while charging, as instructed on your user guide.

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